1. pandaking32:

    Canines for: Anon

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    Random Gay Yiff Pick # 38

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    Rutting Season by Scappo

    Sloppy sideways! Very nice.

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    I could seriously rim all day long…

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  7. toonfap:

    Been in the mood for Peabody lately, and I had gotten a request to post some rule 34 of him, so, here’s the first in a series of pics I’ll be posting throughout the night~

    Remember this pic? The one by CrazedG that got a huuuuuge amount of notes? And rightfully so! Just….UNNFFF those spread legs, furry balls, dripping cock….And his expression just makes ya want to get in there and clean it up for him ;3

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  9. toonfap:

    Peabody Inquisition by Dangpa

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    And of course there’s this lovely pic by fluffy-puppy featuring skoogers and his DILF crush!

  11. bite-my-tail:

    Animation - Beauwolfhusky - by h0rs3

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