1. wuskyfoxpleasure3:

    Artist: Dbruin

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  2. deaththesquirel:

    Tell me these aren’t amazing and I’ll skull fuck you!!!

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  3. furballthefurry:


    some fanporn of Jata from housepets

    I don’t really feel he’s gay/bi but I really wanted to draw something involving his butt

    Always a good enough reason. Butts.

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  4. kyubunsfunhouse:

    I’ll begin showing my appreciation by starting with another picture of Kyu’s butt. This one was a commission for Duez!
    Speaking of, I need to do a commission stream again soon.

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  6. Avains on request

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  7. artdecademonthly:

    a few of the sketch commissions i took today~

  8. horsecockaday:

    Artist — rajii.

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  9. horsecockaday:

    Artist — rajii.

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  10. unchainedlynx:

    I use the bara kemono shindan as a way to wind down and for warm-ups. x3; Don’t post all of them, though…

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  11. gramzon-dragon:

    Some machoke pictures by maldu
    X X X X X X X

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