1. hornywolfy33:

    those balls <3

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  2. tigerlickspaw:

    April Orgy - by AMixedUpPuppy

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  3. bestofbara:

    um…well there’s that 

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  4. lifts-his-tail:

    And suddenly… dicks.

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  5. tigerlickspaw:

    Enjoying the view? - by Rov

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  6. tigerlickspaw:

     kdtre - by lion21

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  7. tigerlickspaw:

    Waiting For You - by Staggard

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  8. deluxegayfurry:

    Knots for the anon

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  9. doyourpokemon:

    You water sluts, always bragging about type advantage when all you really want is dick to gag on.

  10. grizzlybites:

    …Or sometimes you can just sit down and play with yourself.

    Seems some of us are more sensitive than others (also drawn worse than others)

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