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    So i got bored and decided that I was gonna make a bit of fun happen.

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    Boop ~<3

    Blickfen is <3

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    Mewtwo has expectations, so you had better get started fulfilling them.

    you better start filling him

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    *An unidentified furry in a hood and cloak steals the image, colors it, and puts it back, walking away whistling* 

    :O thanks mysterious stranger!

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    Artist Spotlight: Rokemi (Random post #3) One of my fave artists

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  8. I just need a good rant here so please forgive me for this post

    So my exboyfriend/bestfriend/roommate has found his perfect guy. Now, I’m not mad, I’m not jealous for him finding someone else. I’m actually really happy for him. I’m just jealous that he found someone that is perfect for him. I’ve gone through a few guys in the last few months and they all turned out to be total duds (those are a different story for a different time). Literally this guy is funny and super nice and cool PLUS he’s a total bear and really open to new sexual experiences. 

    I LOVE bears but the campus I go to seriously lacks in that department. Almost every guy on this campus is a twink. Not only that but I like a lot of sexual things most people my age (20) wouldn’t normally be into (ie. Leather, puppy play, D/s, light bondage, toys (super love toys), cock rings, and my dick is pierced) and that is hard to come by especially in such a combination. 

    I think that I’d be more alright if there were more bears on campus or the general area, but nope — slim pickins. Not even online are there people that I deem attractive. It’s not cause I’m shallow or whatever, there’s just no bears or anything.

    While my ex/bestfriend/roommate is out with this guy almost every day and night, I’m just here in my room alone with no one to talk to or hang out with.

    But if they ever wanted a threesome I would jump at that opportunity because 1) theyre both attractive bears 2) I think threesomes are really hot 3) I also wanna get railed so bad, I’m so horny for anal sex. Like you can masturbate but nothing can quite compare to getting fucked 

    (Im a bottom in case you were wondering)

    Sorry about this whole rant I just needed to get it off my chest. Thanks for listening those who read <3


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    There we go. Otter. :3

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