1. sexyfurryboys:

    I ❤️ seeing furry boys tasting their own cum 😍😍😍 I’d like a taste of theirs myself 😋😋😋😋😋

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  2. duke317:


    I didn’t want to post this but someone made me do it… now you can see why a pathetic wolf like me doesn’t post many nude fursuit pics, it’s too embarrassing (especially since I’m not a grower at all either…)

    Who thinks this guy’s sexy as FUCK? ;3

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  3. gawain111:


    An anon requested some manly male dobermans. Sadly i dd not have a lot of manly male dobermans to choose from. Are these guys good enough for you anon? What do the rest of you think of these guys? Are these guys turning any of you on? ( This is not my art. ) ( I found all of this art on e621. )

    So hot!!

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  4. doyourpokemon:

    You can’t tell anyone I let you do this, Nidoking!

  5. reneebadger:

    sorry but the entire “morby originated because mordo sucks at talking to girls, still gets sexually frustrated, so he asks rigby to do him a solid and let him hump him for a bit and then they both totally get into it” scenario is just incredible to me because it still fits in with them being two lazy-ass slackers

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  6. tigerlickspaw:

    Boys Among Men - by RedRusker

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